Ironsocket Review

ironsocket screenshotIn our Ironsocket review, we perceived the company as a provider for experienced users. 68 servers in almost 40 countries were positively included in our Ironsocket rating. Security is a top priority at Ironsocket, even though the company is not the largest provider on the market.

Ironsocket, headquartered in Hong Kong, has made it its goal to make its customers’ Internet secure and anonymous. The Chinese provider offers VPN, SmartDNS-DNS proxies and proxy servers.

The VPN supports OpenVPN, PPTP with double encryption technology and L2TP, for example. The Chinese company also provides AES 256-bit encryption to protect sensitive data. Message authentication is done via SHA256 verification by default or alternatively via simpler 128-bit Blowfish encryption.

Although the 128-bit Blowfish encryption offers significantly less coverage, it works much faster.

If the download is to be accelerated as quickly as possible, this type of encryption can also be disabled manually. However, it is the option with the least security.

In our Ironsocket review, we noticed that the provider offers multiple proxies instead of VPNs. Incidentally, only a few providers do that. In all scenarios where you need to rely on security, using a proxy server is suitable for increasing download speed.

You can always access HTTP proxies and SOCKS5, which, by the way, are compatible with most browsers, networks, games and other applications. But that’s not all in our Ironsocket review, we found that SmartDNS proxies are also available at all times.

This service makes it possible to bypass site blocking. Via Smart DNS, it is possible to access any site even without a VPN connection.

Our Ironsocket 2021 experience has shown us that this is a very convenient way to stream series. The list of cracked streaming services includes all the known greats.

For example, the most popular streaming services include:

  • Regional sports channels
  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • National television channels

You can compare Ironsocket to other services to unblock Hulu on

Always keep in mind that a proxy connection is unencrypted and traffic can be monitored and logged.

In our Ironsocket review, we found that file sharing is supported by the provider. However, it may not be available in your country and may be server restricted. The list of servers where file sharing is supported is displayed in the backend of Ironsocket.

In our Ironsocket review, we also took a closer look at the Ironsocket app. It is compatible with all major browsers and on all devices. Windows, Mac OS X, Linux as well as Android, iOS, various game consoles, routers and SmartTVs are among the software and hardware devices we tested.

The Ironsocket costs vary. One can choose from several subscriptions. Long-term discounts offer low Ironsocket costs.

A monthly subscription is recommended for users who want to use Ironsocket’s service only for a short period of time. For traveling abroad, this option is perfect. The 6-month plan offered is equally suitable for this purpose. The longest subscription version is one year. In addition to common payment methods like Bitcoins or credit card, you can also pay the Ironsocket costs via gift card.

Ironsocket Experience 2021 – What can Ironsocket do?

Ironsocket is headquartered in Hong Kong. It is a virtual network (VPN). In our Ironsocket review, we learned that the provider also offers free services for Smart Domain Name Systems as well as proxy.
Ironsocket was originally launched in 2005 under the name HideMyNet. The brand was renamed Ironsocket in 2013.

The company is known for prioritizing its service for torrenters and features quite a few servers and locations that allow peer-to-peer downloading.
Included in our Ironsocket review is the fact that subscribers receive numerous protocols that promise anonymity and allow for the masking of one’s identity.

Those who deal with VPNs know that Hong Kong is a country that has not signed the 5, 9 and 14 eyes agreement. Thus, Ironsocket cannot be legally obligated to share user data and user information if authorities request it.

Our Ironsocket experience rates this point as an absolute plus in our Ironsocket review.

Ironsocket Review: Advantages

  • Enormously high protection of personal data
  • Access to almost all media
  • Compatible with numerous devices and systems
  • Encryption levels in varying degrees
  • Network very fast

Ironsocket Review: Disadvantages

  • Protocols collect data
  • Provider information is sparse
  • Legal domicile is in Hong Kong

Again and again the question arises: Is Ironsocket serious? Yes, Ironsocket is serious!

Ironsocket Review 2021 – Features

Ironsocket has made it its business to offer a paid VPN. With this, it is possible for you to hide your IP address while surfing or streaming. Depending on the tariff, it is possible for you to download files from torrents or stream and watch videos via a set-top box on your smart TV.

Ironsocket Experience – How Ironsocket works

Ironsocket users can choose their new IP address from nearly 40 countries. If games, social networks, video hosting sites or cloud storage are accessed, data traffic is unrestricted and unlimited. Your own WLAN can be protected against hacker attacks. Depending on the rate and package, the security of up to three devices is ensured.

Complete anonymity with a high-speed connection – that’s what Ironsocket stands for. To surf with Ironsocket, the first step is to download the software. Ironsocket also offers an app for smartphone or tablet. Depending on the country and server location, different IP addresses are available.

The elaborately designed website of the Chinese VPN provider is easy to use and very clearly laid out. However, important data is missing. For example, it is not specified how the IP servers are shared and the boot and ping times are also not specified. There is also no information about the devices that are connected at the same time.

Unlike many other VPN providers, Ironsocket does not provide its own software in the test. Instead, the company uses third-party software.

Ironsocket Review 2021 – Streaming via VPN

Our Ironsocket test showed that even Netflix can be unlocked. As a powerful solution for unblocking and targeting websites with media streaming, Ironsocket has proven itself. Supported torrenting is only possible in a limited form, but this fact should not be a negative factor in our Ironsocket review.

The biggest selling point of the company is the DNS proxy service. This can be used to unblock websites for streaming services, for example. The services we tested and found to work include:

  • Netflix US
  • Hulu
  • BBC iPlayer
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Torrenting (P2P) on selected servers.
  • Ironsocket states that the service works on around 200 other streaming services.

Ironsocket Experience 2021 – Installation and Operation

In order to fully enjoy the benefits of Ironsocket, one must first set up a customer account after visiting the website. To do this, one must click on the “Prices” button in the menu bar. Alternatively, one can get to the menu by clicking the “Get started” button. After selecting the desired subscription period, click on “Buy now” to complete your purchase.

To create a customer account, the e-mail address must be entered. For this purpose, a password, which can be freely chosen, must be created. The e-mail address must not be a fake. Ironsocket will send all information to this e-mail address.

In the basic package you have the possibility to use up to three connections at the same time. For an additional fee, the number of protected connections can be increased up to eight.

After your payment has been processed, the customer area will be made available to you. Here you can find all links for download and installation.

Ironsocket Price and Performance

ironsocket pricing

Ironsocket costs are around $7 per month. If you pay annually, they are around 99 US dollars. If you decide to use Ironsocket every six months, the cost is around 36 US dollars. An annual subscription is around 50 US dollars. It is the cheapest offer that Ironrocket has to offer.

The low fees are convincing at Ironsocket. You can pay with the Chinese provider via credit card, American Express, Bitcoin or Paypal. If you do not like the service – for whatever reason – it is possible to claim your money back within 7 days.

Although there is officially no free trial at Ironsocket, it is possible for all users to reclaim their money within 7 days of signing up. Within the 7 days the VPN can be tested and used. This possibility of testing also speaks for the fact that Ironsocket is serious.

Ironsocket Testing – Support and Customer Service

For the sake of simplicity, we evaluate the provider’s question and answer section in our Ironsocket review. All problems described there are clearly and understandably explained and solved. The support via email is available 7 days a week. The answers are quick and helpful.

Ironsocket Review Conclusion

Our Ironsocket review has shown that the provider offers a fantastic way to stream video. Video streaming in countries where servers are available. SOCKS5 proxy, Smart DNS and HTTP proxy services come as additional features with Ironsocket. Trying it out for free and playing around with it once you subscribe to the VPN service is the motto.

Our Ironsocket rating is consistently good. Allowing three simultaneous connections is terrific. The extension – if needed – is a fine additional feature, even if it was initially perceived as limiting by some providers.

If IronSocket would create its own self-installing app, we’d be satisfied all around. Maximum security, fast speed, and various packages with different features mark Ironsocket as reputable.